3:2:1 formula directly ‘hits’ on body fat, Dietician gave trick to reduce obesity, it is very easy


Eating food in the right proportion will control the weight and it will be easy to control the increased weight.
There should be a ratio of 3:2:1 between cereals, pulses, vegetables, pickles, salads, curd etc.

Tips for weight loss: Junk food, processed food and unhealthy food in urban life have increased the health concerns of the people. Obesity, diabetes, heart diseases are the result of unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyle. People are troubled by these things. Obesity is the biggest problem among them. The World Health Organization believes that by 2025 the number of people suffering from obesity will cross 2 billion. India is also not behind in this matter. People try randomly to reduce obesity. For example, if someone emphasizes on exercise, then he does not pay attention to diet and if he pays attention to diet, then he pays less attention to stress. Actually, apart from exercise, diet, sleep and stress management are also needed to reduce obesity.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has shared some proportioning tips on Instagram, with the help of which obesity can be curbed to a great extent. Actually, Rujuta Diwekar has advised to take the diet in the ratio of 3:2:1.

Is the formula for the ratio 3:2:1
Rujuta Diwekar says that in order to lose weight, it is important that you eat food in the right proportion. This will control hunger and proper absorption of food in the body. He said that for this there should be a ratio of 3:2:1 between cereals, pulses, vegetables, pickles, salads, curd etc. He said that if you eat in this ratio, you will always be fit and healthy. 3:2:1 means that you divide your plate into 6 parts. In this, 3 means that include grains in 3 parts i.e. half of it. You can include rice, millet or rotis made from them in grains. You can include lentils, green vegetables or non-veg meat in the remaining 2 parts i.e. 35 percent. You can include chutney, papad, pickle, curd, raw salad etc. in the remaining one part i.e. 15 percent. If you eat food in this proportion, then your digestive power will remain strong and there will be no problem of gas and bloating.

Benefits of eating in right proportion

Eating food in the right proportion will keep the digestive system strong. Apart from this, you will not get hungry soon. When the food is properly decorated in the plate, it will look good to the eyes and the taste will also increase. Due to this, absorption will be done properly to get nutrients from food. Will get relief from problems like constipation, bloating. Acidity will also be controlled. After eating food, you will get satisfaction and there will be energy in the body.

That’s why gas happens

Rujuta Diwekar says that many people complain that bloating or gas occurred after eating rice and lentils. He said that the biggest reason for this is that you have not taken rice and pulses in the right proportion. If you take three parts of rice and only one part of pulse, then there will be no problem of gas. Along with this, other things are also needed.

The right proportion will maintain the weight

The Indian Express has quoted Shruti Bhardwaj, Senior Clinical Dietician at Narayana Multi Specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad, as saying that eating food in the right proportion will control weight and it will be easier to control the increased weight. He said that if you eat many types of food in the right proportion, then it will not only control the weight, the body will get nutrients in the right way, which will also reduce the risk of diseases.

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