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3M India will give 8500 percent dividend on every share, record date fixed, see details – 3M India will give 8500 percent dividend on every share record date also fixed


3M India will pay a dividend of Rs 850 per share to each shareholder.
The current price of the company’s shares is around Rs 24,350.
Shares of 3M India are one of the costliest shares in the Indian market.

New Delhi. 3M India has announced a dividend of 8500 percent per share to its shareholders. The current price of the shares of the company is Rs.24365. Whereas, the face value of a share is Rs.10. That is, every shareholder will get a dividend of Rs 850. There was a slight rise in the company’s shares on Friday. On November 18, its shares closed with a gain of Rs 343. At the same time, in the last 10 trading sessions, the shares of the company have seen a gain of more than Rs 1800.

It is a large cap company with a market cap of around Rs 27447 crore. The company has fixed November 22 as the record date for the dividend. This means that on November 21, these shares will become ex-dividend. Only the shareholder who buys the shares till the ex-dividend date will get the benefit of dividend. The company enumerates its shareholders on the record date. The company will pay dividend to its investors in the next month i.e. on or before December 9.

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company’s share position
There has been some decline in its shares after 15 November. However, on 18th, this stock made a comeback and in a week, investors have made a marginal profit of about 2 per cent. At the same time, this share has gone up by only 2.81 percent in a month. The stock has declined 3.50 per cent in the last one year. However, the interesting thing is that in a period of 6 months, these shares ran up by 35 per cent. In a period of 5 years, this stock has given 49% return to its investors.

company’s quarterly results
3M has earned a net profit of Rs 99.86 crore in the July-September quarter. Due to this, the company had a net profit of Rs 64.88 crore in the same period of the previous financial year. The company’s revenue in the September quarter of this financial year stood at Rs 924.98 crore, as against Rs 776.89 crore in the previous financial year. Earlier in the first quarter of the released financial year also, the company had a profit of Rs 80 crore.

What is the business of the company
3M India is the Indian unit of the American company of the same name. This company works in many other areas including hospital, construction, safety, transportation and manufacturing. It provides personalized products according to the needs of the business. 3M manufactures many products which include building materials, insulation, lubricants, tools, medical supplies, cleaning supplies and office supplies etc. 3M India was established in 1988. Its headquarter is in Bangalore.

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