4 major symptoms of stomach ulcer, be careful immediately, the consequences can be very serious, consult a doctor


See a doctor immediately if you have a stomach ulcer.
In case of ulcer, abstinence is also very important along with the use of medicines.

Ulcer In Stomach: Stomach related problems start due to changing lifestyle, eating habits and other reasons. Due to not paying proper attention to food and drink, problems like stomach pain, vomiting and nausea start. Sometimes, due to small negligence, there can be a big problem in the liver and small intestine. Similarly, a serious problem is having a stomach ulcer. Ulcer in the stomach is not easily felt, but if there is a problem like constant pain or cramps in the stomach, then it should not be ignored. Specialist doctor in Gastro department, Gangaram Hospital Anil Arora It is said that peptic ulcer in the stomach is a kind of wound. This ulcer occurs when the acids that digest food start damaging the small intestine, due to which a wound is formed. Stomach Ulcer also occurs due to a type of bacterial infection, whose name is Helicobacter pylori.

Excessive stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or taking excessive pain killers promote ulcers. Wrong or excessive oily food makes stomach acid. Because of which there is a problem of burning sensation or abdominal pain. If this problem occurs again and again, ulcers start forming in the stomach. Let us tell you today what are the main symptoms of stomach ulcer.

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1. Persistent gas formation or sour belching: By the way, initially no special symptoms of ulcer are visible. But if you are constantly having sour belching and the problem of gas in the stomach persists, then it can be a symptom of ulcer. You should contact the doctor immediately. However, sometimes this problem also arises due to other reasons.

2. Loss of appetite: Nausea, loss of appetite or loss of appetite and vomiting can be symptoms of an ulcer. If these symptoms persist for a long time, a doctor should be consulted.

3. Abdominal pain: Sudden abdominal pain is also one of the symptoms of ulcer. This pain can be above the navel and below the chest i.e. the lungs. Along with pain, there can also be a problem of burning sensation in the stomach. The problem of abdominal pain can also occur on an empty stomach. This problem of abdominal pain and burning sensation may last for a few minutes or even for a few hours.

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4. Frequent vomiting: Vomiting after eating food or vomiting even when the stomach is empty are signs of stomach ulcer. Due to repeated vomiting, pain in the intestine can also occur. Vomiting of blood in case of ulcer is also considered dangerous. On reaching critical condition, bleeding starts from the ulcer. If you are facing this kind of problem, then immediately contact the doctor.

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