5 easy ways and amazing benefits of including Giloy in your daily diet

Giloy benefits-People have used Giloy to strengthen immunity since the beginning of a deadly epidemic like Corona around the world. The use of Giloy in Ayurveda is considered to be the most beneficial for health. Whether it is to remove toxins from the body or to keep the blood clean, Giloy can be beneficial in every way. Apart from this, Giloy can also protect the body from dangerous diseases like swine flu, dengue and malaria.

According to experts, Giloy is a type of herb. Which has been used in medicine for centuries. From the leaves of Giloy to its stem and root, everything is used. It is important to know about the easy ways to include Giloy in the daily diet for great benefits.

Benefits of Giloy

for joint pain
According to Healthshots, if you are suffering from joint pain, then to include Giloy in the daily diet, make powder of its stem and boil it in milk. Mixing it with milk and drinking it can provide relief in joint pain. On the other hand, if you want to get relief from the pain of arthritis, then you can drink it together with ginger.

for asthma
To reduce the symptoms of asthma, chewing the root of Giloy can be beneficial, besides drinking Giloy juice regularly.

for good eyes
Applying Giloy extract on the eyes improves eyesight, and helps to see clearly. For this, boil the Giloy powder in water and let it cool down, then apply it on the eyelids with the help of a cotton pad.

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For daily health tonic
Put giloy leaves with water in a blender and grind them well. Then filter it with the help of a sieve. For the test, add amla juice, ginger juice and black salt as per taste. Daily Health Tonic is ready.

to clean the blood
Boil the stems of Giloy well in water and filter them. Then drink this liquid. Due to this the toxins of the body are removed and the blood remains clean.

So in this way, Giloy can easily be made a part of the daily diet. Due to this, tremendous benefits can be seen for health.

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