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5 fun sex games to play with your partner

What do you do when you want to do something exciting with your partner? sex ! Or something that drives you to sex. Many people pay a lot of attention to foreplay, but doing foreplay in the same way can make one get bored. You have to do a lot to make your partner happy. You can play many such sexy games with your partner that will fill him with excitement. A great way to get to know each other better—and add a little more fun to your sex lives—is some sex games is to be included.

sex game It is better because sex games are fun and it will also help you understand each other. In addition, fun sex games can provide new and exciting arguments in real sex, which is interesting too. So, here are some sex games that you can play with your partner and make your hot moments more colorful.

start and stop

This is a great sex game, in which you will first stimulate your partner and then after stimulating a little, you will get away from them. You can do this in turn. For this, you can also set a timer in your phone, according to which you can play this entire game with your partner.

adult truth or dare

teenager games

You must have known about Truth or Dare. People often play these games with friends in school. In this game people ask each other many questions. In this, first a partner has to choose between Truth or Dare. If she chooses the truth, you can ask her any question, which she will answer with the truth. But if she chooses some dare, then whatever work you ask her to do, she will not refuse her. So now you must have understood that how do you play this game? Now you must have also understood how exciting this game is.

Naked Steering Competition

naked staring competition

The staring contest is fun. But nude staring contests are more fun. Take off your clothes and sit directly in front of your partner. Now think of a penalty for the one who blinks first. Maybe it means getting an erotic massage. Maybe it could mean something else. You have to be creative in this and enjoy the game a lot. This is a very sexy game.

reveal your fantasy


Have your partner make a list of tasks for you to perform. Once you’ve completed everything on the list, it’s your turn to have some fun. Make a list of sex positions you’ve fantasized about, but haven’t gotten into yet. Create a biodata of your different fantasies. After this, he asks his partner to pick up a slip. Now your partner will have to do what is written in that slip. With this your fantasy will also be fulfilled and the game will also be fun.

Ice it

ice cube

To indulge in this sex game, take an ice cube and press it gently on different areas of your partner’s body. Start with a few small erogenous zones. Nipples are always a great place to start. From there, you can work your way down to the more prominent parts. You can hold it in your hands, hold it in your mouth. Now you have to find when and where your partner likes you best. Then target the same spot. Just try to go slow around you genitals.

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