5 signs are the sign of weak Venus, the condition of pauper remains, these measures will bring prosperity

In astrology, Venus is considered to be the factor of opulence, wealth, splendor and comforts. It is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. Venus has auspicious and inauspicious effects, due to which a person’s life is affected. When Venus is strong in someone’s horoscope, then there is no shortage in his comforts, love relations remain strong. When the same Venus becomes weak, married life is not successful, many types of diseases including skin occur. You can strengthen the planet Venus with astrological measures.

Astrologer of Tirupati Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava It is said that when any planet is weak or strong then its signs are found. If your Venus is weak then the events happening in your life indicate that. Let us know what is the sign of weak Venus.

signs of weak venus
1. If you are married then your married life is not happy due to weak Venus. Even after marriage, a person can have relations with other women.

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2. Due to the weakness of Venus, a person cannot get the happiness of a child because he may have semen defect.

3. The love life of people with weak Venus is not successful. They may have to face betrayal again and again.

4. If you have skin related problems then your Venus is weak. Apart from this, there can be disease related to eye, urine, intestine, leg, kidney or sugar.

5. Those whose Venus is weak, they lack money, happiness and facilities. Confidence is weak. Fame and fame are not achieved.

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Ways to strengthen Venus
1. Fasting on Friday is the easiest way to strengthen the planet Venus. You can improve the position of Venus by observing this fast.

2. Mantras of Venus at the time of worship Shun Shukray Namah: either Om Dran Dran Draun S: Shukray Namah Chant at least 108 times. Venus will be stronger than this.

3. Use milk, curd, rice, sugar etc. in your food. Venus will be stronger than this.

4. After worship on Friday, donate white clothes, scented items, beauty items, perfume etc. to a poor Brahmin.

5. You can wear opal or diamond to strengthen Venus.

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