7 ways to identify cancer in the throat and neck at home, you will never have to regret, the method is easy


If there is a change in the color of the mole, swelling or bleeding from the mole, or if the mole has grown, go to the doctor immediately.
Red colored patches on the neck or face can also be a sign of cancer.

Neck and Throat Cancer Check at Home: If cancer is detected in the early stages, it can be cured 100%. But due to lack of information and carelessness, this disease reaches the advanced stage, for which a heavy price has to be paid. The signs of throat or neck or mouth cancer start appearing very early. Generally, cigarette, alcohol, tobacco, gutkha etc. are mainly responsible for throat and mouth cancer. Therefore, if you pay attention to the signs of throat and neck cancer in time, then this deadly disease can be avoided.

It is also easy to identify cancer of the neck or throat because its signs start appearing above. Actually, any kind of change in these mouth, throat, neck can be signs of cancer and it can be easily identified by itself. If we remain alert on these signs and reach the doctor in time, then throat and neck cancer can be easily treated.

How to identify cancer yourself

According to the American Mouth Cancer Foundation, throat and neck cancer can be easily identified by yourself. For this it is necessary to follow some steps.

1. Test the ChangeAccording to the Mouth Cancer Foundation, in order to identify cancer of the throat and neck or mouth, it has to be seen at every step that there is no wound in these places. Apart from this, there are red or white patches in the mouth, throat or neck, change in color, change in texture, ulcer or any kind of change that was not there before, then it can be a sign of cancer.

2. Examine the whole face-Clean your hands and stand in front of the mirror and look at your entire face carefully. Look for swelling, redness, whiteness or any kind of change anywhere in it. Are you seeing any change? If yes, contact a doctor immediately.

3. Pay attention to the mole– If there is already a mole anywhere on the neck, throat, mouth, face etc., then look at it carefully. If the color of these moles is changing or swelling has come in the mole, or bleeding from the mole or the mole has grown, then go to the doctor immediately, these can be signs of cancer.

4. Check the mouth and gumsSpread the lips with the fingers of both hands in front of the mirror and look at the entire gums carefully. If any kind of change is seen in these, then it can be a sign of cancer. Along with this, look carefully inside the mouth, blisters, redness, boils etc. can be signs of cancer.

5. Is there any change in the color of the tongue?Stick out the tongue in front of the mirror. First look at the top, then raise your tongue and look at the bottom part. If there is swelling, ulcer, change in color in the tongue, do not ignore it, contact the doctor immediately.

6.Voice ChangesIf there is cancer of the throat or mouth, then there is a heaviness or change in the voice. This is also an early symptom. If this change in voice is not cured for two weeks, then you should immediately go to the doctor.

7. Trouble swallowingWhen there is a problem in swallowing food, it seems like food is hanging in the throat, then one should go to the doctor immediately. This could be a sign of throat cancer.

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