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8 foods and drinks that increase blood pressure

Health Tips: Food and drink that can bring water to the mouth of any person, such things can cause swelling in one’s mouth or increase one’s blood pressure. Where is justice, but it happens. We are telling you about 8 such common food, which people get sick after eating. There are about 6 percent of people and 8 percent of children around the world who fall ill after eating these things. 

A study done in America shows that about 11 percent of people there are troubled by food allergies Huh. According to the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA), these 8 things are responsible for 90% of people who are allergic to food items.

the names of these things.



1. Milk
2. Egg
3. Nuts (Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Chhuare etc.)
4. Peanut
5. Snail
6. Wheat
7. Soy
8. Fish

Why are allergies?

Actually the things we have listed above are very tasty things, but sometimes our immune system reacts to these things. Doesn’t respond well after eating. Simply put, our immune system considers that food to be bad for the body and starts reacting to it. Due to this, chemicals start forming in the body and some disease sticks in response to it.

What problems happen?

lips or Tongue may swell. Blood pressure may increase. There may be swelling around the eyes. There may be a sore throat or swelling or there may be some food  There may be a problem. There may be itching in the throat, mouth and ears. However, not all of these happen to one person. The reaction area of ​​every person is different. What we have written is a common symptom.

What to do if you are allergic?

If the allergy is less then apply hot water or ice to it. However, since the symptoms may be different from person to person, it is necessary to consult a doctor and avoid eating things to which you are allergic in future.

Food-caused There are three types of allergies

1. IGE-mediated food allergy:  In this case our body starts making antibodies named IgE. Its symptoms are visible within a short time of eating.

2. Non IGE-mediated food allergy: This type of allergy is caused by other cells present in the immune system. Its symptoms also come late and treatment also takes time.

3. Mixed and IGE-mediated food allergies: Some people have both types of symptoms, which we have mentioned above. Such a condition is called  mixed and IGE-mediated food allergy.

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