Accident will never happen on Highway-Expressway! If you follow these rules, understand these gestures of white and yellow stripes


White and yellow stripes on the road are made to represent special signs.
There are 2-3 types of white and yellow lines on the highway-expressway.
It is necessary to follow them to avoid road accidents.

White Yellow Lines on Road: Every year lakhs of people lose their lives in road accidents in the country and the world. There are many rules related to traffic to prevent these accidents, but most of the passengers either do not follow them or do not have any information about them. Apart from wearing helmet and traffic lights, some other rules have to be followed while driving. These include rules related to the white and yellow lines on highways and expressways.

The white and yellow lines on the highway give some special signals which are very important to understand. However, most people are not aware of these white and yellow stripes on the road. Let us tell you what special signals these lines give while driving.

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This signal is obtained from 2 types of white line
While driving on the highway and expressway, you must have noticed that there is a white line at some places on the road, but at some places it is broken. (Broken White Line) it occurs. This means that if you want to change the lane here, you can do so. However, before this you have to see the other vehicle coming from behind and can change the lane by giving the indicator. Whereas, if the white line is long in which there are no cuts. There you have to walk only in your own lane. You cannot change lanes at such a place.

long yellow line on the road (Long Yellow Line) Any other vehicle can be overtaken there but cannot go in its opposite direction. However, the Yellow Line has different meanings in different states. In Telangana, it means that you cannot overtake other vehicles within the line.

2 straight yellow lines and yellow lines with gaps
2 straight yellow lines on the road means that you should travel in your own lane. You can’t go either way. Yellow line is visible with gaps at some places on the road and if you are driving your vehicle on the gapped line then you can overtake other vehicles.

Every year about 5 lakh people become victims of road accidents in India. The biggest reason for these accidents is the violation of traffic rules and careless driving. The government has made many rules related to road safety, but most people are not well aware of these rules.

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