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After all, what happens in the throat that cough comes up again and again, know DIY tips to prevent phlegm

Cough Controlling Tips: Cough is often a problem during the winter season. The problem of cough starts bothering even after drinking cold water, even if cold air is felt and something cold is eaten. There may also be problems like mild or severe pain in the throat, soreness, problem swallowing or soreness during cough. Here’s a look at how you can herbally heal yourself in such a situation.

Before knowing the treatment of cough, know that after all what happens in the throat that there is constant thumping and coughing comes! Actually, the reason for coughing is the air passages of the body or Irritation of the upper respiratory tract. This irritant can also be a bacterial infection and also swelling. Or even some food eaten against the weather and health. In such a situation, the brain gives a signal to the body that this bottleneck should be removed and this in process There is a problem of cough.

Why does cough happen?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, many other problems can cause cough, such as…

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  • viral infection
  • cold
  • flu
  • TB
  • asthma
  • lung cancer
  • smoking addiction
  • pollution problem
  • dust allergy

What are the home remedies to cure cough?

Liquorice tea or candy: To avoid cough, you can drink liquorice tea or eat liquorice powder. If you want, you can take a small piece of liquorice and suck it like candy.

Consuming Cloves: You can consume clove tea to avoid the problem of cough. If cough is bothering you while sleeping at night, then put a clove in your mouth and suck it like candy and go to sleep, you will stop coughing and oral health will also be good.

Uses of Basil Leaf: To avoid cough in the winter season, you can drink basil-ginger tea or drink a decoction prepared from basil leaves, jaggery, ginger, fennel etc. The decoction should be drunk twice a day in the amount of half-a-half cup, while you can drink tea two to three times.

Figs and Turmeric: You cook a piece of fig in a glass of milk and then add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric to it and consume it with jaggery or sugar. This milk gives warmth to your body and removes the problem of cough by killing the bacteria growing in the throat.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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