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After all, why Elon Musk adamant on charging Rs 660 for a blue tick, how much will it earn every month?


Musk usually makes headlines for his visionary thinking and accurate decisions.
At present, Twitter has about 4.24 lakh verified ie blue tick users.
This will generate an income of about $ 34 lakh (about Rs 28 crore) every month.

New Delhi. Along with buying the social media company Twitter, Elon Musk has announced to charge $ 8 (about Rs 660) per month for Blue Tick. With this announcement, all the celebrities around the world started criticizing his decision. Some even said that we do not need blue ticks. Despite this, Musk is adamant on charging this price. In such a situation, the question arises that after all, how much relief will Musk get from this amount and how much money he can help to raise every month.

Musk is usually in the limelight for his visionary thinking and accurate decisions, but for the time being after buying Twitter, Allen has come under attack for his aggressive decisions. Several users have also threatened Musk to leave Twitter. Their objection is to the Rs 660 charged every month for blue ticks. One user even went so far as to say that Twitter should pay him, instead of recovering money from him.

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Will earn Rs 28 crore every month
CNBC TV18 According to a report, Twitter currently has about 4.24 lakh verified users. That is, so many users have a blue tick and if all these users pay Rs 660 every month to the social media company to maintain their blue tick, then there will be an income of about $ 34 lakh (about Rs 28 crore) every month.

can grow and earn
Analysts say that the decision to charge Rs 660 for a blue tick can prove to be a game changer. The figure of 28 crores is when this amount is recovered only from the existing employees with blue ticks, but under the new rule, now anyone can get the blue tick of Twitter. In such a situation, there is every possibility that a large number of users would like to fulfill the hobby of putting blue ticks with their account, which can open the way to big earnings.

Another scenario could also be that users with existing verified accounts can leave the blue tick. Renowned author Stephen King has also threatened Musk to quit Twitter if he doesn’t stop charging money for BlueTick. Earlier there were reports from Twitter that about $ 20 can be charged for Blue Tick.

Musk gave greed after seeing the controversy growing
As soon as the talk of charging money for Blue Tick came to the fore, all the users started pulling Musk. Seeing the growing controversy and criticism, Musk intervened and said that for $ 8, the user has given many more facilities. In return, the user will be given priority in reply and search. Apart from this, it will also help in identifying the spam account and users with blue ticks will be able to post long videos and audios.

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Blue tick started 13 years ago
The game of verification and blue tick on Twitter started in the year 2009. Earlier it was made available only to officials, agencies, artists, athletes and other famous personalities, so that those who create fake accounts of these people could be stopped. However, many times this verification process has been in controversy. Now Musk is also saying that spam accounts can be banned through blue ticks.

After all, why is Musk charging money?
In this regard, the expert says that Musk has been caught in a financial crisis in a way in buying Twitter. He has also had to take hefty loans from banks to raise assets worth $ 44 billion. This is why Musk is constantly trying to cut his costs on Twitter. According to one figure, Musk has had to take a loan of $ 12 billion for the Twitter deal and he is also doing massive layoffs to get out of this financial crisis.

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