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After Diwali, return to a healthy routine, take care of diet and fitness like this

Fitness Post Diwali: Diwali means the era of sweets, delicious food and parties. No matter how much routine you try to follow at this time, but something goes wrong. Sometimes it is in diet and sometimes with exercise. In such a situation, after Diwali, you should try to come back to the normal routine as soon as possible. However, this effort will not be easy because the period of Diwali goes on for a long time.

Know some tips by taking care of which you can bring back your diet and fitness routine.

Lose weight like this during Diwali

  • While eating food, do mindful eating i.e. do not lose your temper after seeing the dish and keep as much food in the plate as it gives you both health and taste.
  • Eat food slowly and chewing. This gives a feeling of satisfaction and fills the stomach even after eating less.
  • Eat food rich in protein. Protein makes the stomach feel full for a long time and eating protein also gives satisfaction quickly, so include plenty of protein in your diet.
  • Stay away from packaged food. For example, it is better not to eat chips, nachos, crackers etc. In place of them, when you feel less hungry, then eat homemade crackers, nuts, makhana, vegetables etc.
  • Follow this rule of eating that you have sensible eating. That is, eat food by concentrating on eating thoughtfully. By doing this you know when the stomach is full. Get up only when 80 percent of your hunger is satisfied.
  • Avoid the habit of eating something or the other all the time. It would be better to fix a meal time and at that time take a plate and eat food leisurely.
  • The house is filled with sweets at this time. In such a situation, sweets cannot be avoided, but while eating it, pick up only one piece at a time and eat it slowly while enjoying it comfortably.
  • Try that no matter how tasty the food is, but do not overeating. Your favorite food or sweets can be eaten in small quantities.
  • Don’t beat your heart for everything. The more you stop yourself, the more the desire to eat it will increase. Instead, enjoy your favorite sweet slowly in small quantities.

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