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After drinking drinks, use straw like this, everyday tasks will become very easy


You can enhance the beauty of the house by decorating the house plants with the help of straw.
You can also prepare bubble sticks for kids with straws.

Tips to use straw: Consumption of drinks is a part of the daily lifestyle of most people. From drinking cold coffee to drinking cold drinks or soft drinks, most people use straws. Although people often throw straws after the drink is over, but if you want, you can use straws in some special ways to enhance the beauty of the house.

By the way, on seeing the straw, people think of drinking drinks. But after drinking the drink, most of the people find the use of straw useless. However, instead of throwing the straw after the drink is over, you can reuse it in many ways. So let’s know about the ways to reuse the straw.

Helpful in solving neckpiece

Necklaces kept in women’s bags often get tangled while traveling. In such a situation, it takes a lot of time to solve the tangled necklace. Along with this, there is also a fear of breaking the necklace while solving it. In such a situation, to prevent the necklace from getting tangled, you can hook its chain by putting it in the straw. With this, your neckpiece will not get tangled at all during the journey.

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Effective in removing ketchup

Many times when the ketchup is over, people have to cut the bottle to remove the sauce accumulated below. But with the help of straw, you can easily empty the ketchup bottle. For this, put the straw in the bottle and shake it well. With this, the ketchup stored in the bottle will come out immediately.

use to decorate

Many times the stems of the plants kept in the habitat start bending. Due to which not only the beauty of the residence gets spoiled, but the decoration of your house can also get spoiled. In this case, you can put the plants in straw and keep them in the vase. With this you will not face any problem in arranging the plants and the beauty of the vase will also add beauty to the home decoration.

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make bubbles stick

In childhood, children often insist on playing with bubble sticks, while children break and throw away expensive bubble sticks available in the market in no time.

In such a situation, you can prepare bubble sticks for children from straw. For this, dip the straw by mixing water in dish soap. Now blow with a straw to inflate the bubbles. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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