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After the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse will also be on Tuesday, know which zodiac signs will be affected

Madhya Pradesh: After the solar eclipse, now the lunar eclipse is also coming on Tuesday. This lunar eclipse will have different effects on different zodiac signs. Along with astronomers, astrologers are also keeping an eye on the lunar eclipse. Pandit Amar Dibba Wala told that on the basis of astronomical calculations and almanac calculations, if we look at Nakshatra Menkhla, then on the full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month, there will be a Udit Khagras lunar eclipse on Tuesday, November 8.

Auspicious lunar eclipse on the full moon of Kartik month
The special thing is that the day of lunar eclipse coming in Kartik month is also Tuesday and the day of total solar eclipse was also Tuesday. This too is a coincidence. According to religious belief, the occurrence of an eclipse on the full moon date of Kartik month is said to be auspicious because the moon’s portions will increase during this period. During the eclipse, if we see from the calculation of Ansh Kala Vikala, then Moon Bharani Nakshatra will be located on the third phase and 22 degrees 28 Kala. On the other hand, Rahu will remain in the second phase of 18 degree 51 Kala Bharani Nakshatra. From this point of view, it will come under eclipse category, but it will not leave any side effects.

Lunar eclipse will be on Aries and Bharani constellation
This lunar eclipse will be on Aries and Bharani Nakshatra. The lord of Aries is Mars, while the lord of Bharani Nakshatra will be Venus and the sub lord Saturn and the sub sub lord Mercury. From this point of view, the people of Aries and the people of Bharani Nakshatra will have to be careful. Along with this, there is also a time to be safe for the nations and states of the South-East.

6 planets will remain in eclipse
In the Navagrahas, 6 planets will have Kendra Yoga and Kendra relation and vision relationship. In these planets, respectively, the conjunction of Moon Rahu will be on Aries, while Sun, Ketu, Venus, Mercury will be four planets on Libra. From this point of view, the relation will be formed. Since, there will be effect of Aries ascendant at the time of eclipse. From this point of view, 6 planets will remain in the JD of this eclipse, whose effects will come out in different ways.

Solar and lunar eclipse both on Tuesday
In Indian astrology, a different effect of being combined with the ruler and date of the planets has been shown. Mainly Mars, Saturn, Sunday are placed in a separate category. The effect of the planets falling in this category is also shown in a different way. From this point of view, if both the eclipses coming in Kartik are on Tuesday, it will show a different type of effect.

effect of lunar eclipse on zodiac signs

  • Aries- The lunar eclipse is on Aries, so it is time to avoid overthinking. However, there is nothing to worry about.
  • Taurus- The income of the people of this zodiac will increase, new sources will open.
  • Gemini- New startups started for the growth of business will start getting benefits.
  • Cancer- Try to avoid controversies, you will definitely get success.
  • Leo- It is time to get old money, you will get success by making efforts.
  • Virgo- Avoid making blind investments, there will be a possibility of loss.
  • Libra- It’s time to develop decision making ability, move ahead thoughtfully.
  • Scorpio- Avoid property disputes and proceed with your work.
  • Sagittarius – Along with spiritual and religious progress, the avenues of income will open.

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