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Air pollution can weaken memory, increase the risk of depression and mental disease


Mental health can be badly affected due to air pollution.
Its greatest effect is seen on young children and the elderly.

Air Pollution Linked To Mental Health: Due to air pollution, not only your physical health, but also mental health is badly affected. Most people do not even know how pollution can hollow their mind. Yes ! There is a direct connection between air pollution and mental health. People’s memory can be weak due to pollution. Pollution increases the risk of depression and can trigger mental problems. The surprising thing is that most people ignore these problems, which increases the risk further. Today we will tell you how air pollution is proving to be the enemy of your body and mind.

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Revealed in a study
The Guardian reports
According to a study done in Britain, it was revealed that there is a direct connection of air pollution with mental health. Mental illness can be quite serious due to pollution. This study was done in 2021 by researchers from the University of Bristol. 13 thousand people were included in this study. During the study, it was seen that about 32 percent of people suffering from mental problems needed treatment, while 18% had to be admitted to the hospital due to exposure to nitrogen dioxide present in polluted air. Pollution can trigger mental problems.

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Anxiety and depression are triggers
Researchers also said that with increasing air pollution, there is an increase in the cases of depression and anxiety. Because of this many people even commit suicide. People living in polluted places are more prone to mental disorders. Even the cause of a dangerous disease like dementia can also become air pollution. In a global review of the year 2019, it was revealed that air pollution can badly damage every part of our body. Therefore people should make all efforts to avoid pollution.

Memory can also be weak
one of the American Psychological Association Report According to this, it has come to the fore in many researches that people’s memory can be weak due to air pollution. Its biggest effect is on young children and older people. Not only this, the risk of depression also increases due to pollution. Toxic air can prove to be dangerous not only for your lungs and heart, but also for the brain.

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