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Almora: Have you tasted manduay and mushroom biscuits? Delhi-Chandigarh are in demand, you can also order

Almora. If you want to try healthy and some new flavored biscuits and cakes etc., then a bakery in Hawalbagh of Almora can be your destination. Here at least 10 women are making many bakery items like cakes and pastries along with making biscuits of mushroom and mandua under a project. Not only are these women getting employment, the demand for these items has also started coming from all over Uttarakhand. Not only this, the taste of the items made by them has started reaching outside Uttarakhand as well.

Hilans Bakery Almora is open under the Livelihood Project Mission in Uttarakhand. Here women are being made self-reliant. About 30 women have taken training from here under this mission. Presently 10 women are working here. In Almora, for about four years, many women have got employment under the mission. The women working here tell that they have learned a lot by working in the bakery. Along with this, the means of employment are also open for them.

Prema Mehta, president of Pragati Aajeevika Sangh, said that after the opening of the sales unit here, about 30 to 35 women were given training. At present, 10 women working here are given monthly honorarium. Biscuit and other things are being made from the local product Mandua here. Women are also making mushroom biscuits, cakes, pizza, multigrain biscuits, multigrain bread and pastries etc. If you also want to book or want information about these bakery items, then you can contact the given location map or the president of Pragati Aajeevika Sangh on mobile number 075007 90533.

Housewife Maya Bisht told that earlier she was confined to home but since the bakery opened, she has got to learn a lot. Maya tells that she makes all the items of the bakery. Along with cooking, everyone also does the packing work. Tara Mehta told that at present there is a lot of demand for various biscuits of this bakery. Products from here are reaching places like Nainital, Haldwani, Delhi, Dehradun and Chandigarh.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 15, 2022, 14:42 IST



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