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Always stay young, do this work before sleeping, the skin will remain glowing

Skin Care : Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Do not know what measures they adopt for beauty. Especially women are very serious about their beauty. To keep the glow in the face, many types of tips and tricks are adopted. But due to the hectic life and lifestyle, it is not so easy to do so. Sometimes the skin cannot be taken care of for many days. According to health experts, if you make changes in some of your habits, then the beauty of the face will remain and beauty will not go away. That’s why some work has to be done before sleeping at night. Due to which your beauty will increase manifold. Let’s know some special tips.

avoid makeup

Many women have this habit that whenever they go to bed, they wash their face and use beauty products before that. Change this habit from today itself. Sleeping with makeup can cause many skin problems. During sleep, the pores of the skin open and they start to heal on their own, but when you use any kind of beauty product, then the pores get clogged and skin problems can occur.

use hand cream

Looking beautiful is a good thing. Everyone wants their hands to look beautiful. In such a situation, if you want beautiful hands, then before sleeping, wash your hands with warm water and soap. After this take a soft cloth and dry it thoroughly. After this, apply good hand cream and go to sleep. This will make your skin soft and smooth. Hand cream will keep the moisture of your hands.

clean dirt with toner

If the beauty of the face is water, then toner should be used. This corrects the natural pH level of your skin. It protects the skin from bacteria and other microorganisms. Cleans up the mess too. While applying the toner, use a cotton pad and rub gently on the face and neck. This will make the skin glow.

apply eye cream

Taking care of eyes is also very important nowadays. It adds to your beauty. The beauty of the face is only through the eyes. Talking about women, their eyes are the jewel of their beauty. Therefore, whenever you go to sleep, before that, apply eye cream in the eyes. This keeps the eyes moisturized and hydrated. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

sleep with hair tied

Most of the women and girls have a habit that when they go to sleep, they open their hair. This affects the beauty. Always sleep with your hair tied, because if the hair is open then oil and dirt can cause acne problems on your face.



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