Anil Agarwal: Billionaire businessman, runs a company worth ₹ 1.98 lakh crore, the taste of litti-chokha is gone!

Patna. There are many billionaire businessmen in the country and the world who, despite having immense wealth, always remain connected to their roots. Anil Agarwal, the founder and chairman of Vedanta Group, has also tried to tell this on several occasions. Even after being successful, Agarwal never forgets Bihar. Recently he said that his favorite dish is Litti-Chokha of Bihar.

The special thing is that Anil Agarwal comes from Bihar, a state considered industrially backward. According to Forbes, his personal assets are Rs 16,400 crore. The total assets of his family is more than 32000 crores. Now their business is not only in India but also in other countries of the world.

Agarwal has more than 1,63,000 followers on Twitter. He shares motivational videos on his account. Last week, he shared a photo with the beloved Litti Chokha. Anil Agarwal, who recently visited Bihar, wrote in his Facebook post, “It is said that home is where your heart is… My heart, my childhood, everything is in this food plate. I recently got a chance to go back to the streets where I grew up… and the first thing I ate was litti with coriander chutney and brinjal chokha.”

Anil Agarwal spent his childhood in Patna
Anil Agarwal, who has completed 75 years of life, spent his childhood in Patna, the capital of Bihar. He was born in 1954 in a Marwari family in Patna, Bihar. This big industrialist did his education from Miller High School, a government school in Patna. Anil Agarwal’s father Dwarka Prasad Agarwal was a small businessman of aluminum conductor. In the beginning, Anil Agarwal also helped in his father’s business. As soon as he entered youth, he went to Mumbai in search of new possibilities.

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