Another tunnel on Delhi-Dehradun Expressway, second tunnel built in Datkali area, know how the journey will be easier


A new tunnel has been constructed about 3.5 km ahead of Asharodi.
The total length of the new tunnel is 340 metres, while the width is 11 metres.
Half of the 3 tunnels present in Daat Kali area comes in Uttarakhand-Uttar Pradesh.

New Delhi. In order to further improve the existing journey between Delhi and Dehradun, work is going on at a rapid pace on the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway. In this episode, the third tunnel has been completed in Datkali area and now in the coming days, 2 different tunnels can be used to travel from Dehradun to Saharanpur and Delhi. At the same time, the old tunnel already built in Datkali will be used for commuting to the temple.

A new tunnel has been constructed on the Dehradun Expressway about 3.5 km ahead of the Asharodi area. This tunnel has been constructed in 3 lanes. Let us know how the traffic here will become easier through this tunnel. This tunnel has been constructed by the National Highway Authority of India.

Those coming to Delhi-Dehradun will be benefited
The total length of this new tunnel is 340 meters, while the width is 11 meters. At the same time, this tunnel is 7 meters high. The special thing is that this tunnel has been completed in 10 crores less than the fixed cost of 80 crores. A total of 70 crore rupees were spent in the construction of this tunnel.

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The new tunnel in Datkali area has been built near the old tunnel, on which the Dehradun-Delhi traffic currently passes. This tunnel was completed in record time in 2018. The length of this tunnel is also about 340 meters. Now after some time, when the traffic coming from Delhi will be diverted towards the new tunnel, then this tunnel will be used for the traffic going from Dehradun towards Delhi.

The special thing is that half of the 3 tunnels present in the Daat Kali area comes in Uttarakhand and half in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, beautification of both the new and old tunnels built under the expressway will also be done. Beautiful flowers and plants will be planted on both sides at the end of the tunnel

The distance from Delhi to Dehradun will be reduced
On the other hand, the purpose of the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway, being built at a cost of 13,000 crores, is to reduce the distance and travel time between the two cities. At present, the length of Delhi to Dehradun by road is 235 kms, but with the completion of this expressway, this distance will be reduced to 210 kms. Therefore, in the coming days, the journey from Delhi to Dehradun will be completed in just 2.30 hours.

The first tunnel was built 200 years ago
Please tell that even after the construction of two new tunnels in the Daat Kali area, the existence of the old tunnel will continue. To go to Daat Kali Temple from Dehradun side, only the old tunnel will be used. The old tunnel was constructed between the year 1821-23. At that time it was used to connect Saharanpur district with Rajpur, Mussoorie.

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