Anxiety is felt again and again, 5 remedies told by nutritionist will remove anxiety, stress, will remain mentally fit


To avoid the problem of anxiety, stress, take eight hours of sleep daily.
Drinking chamomile tea also provides relief in anxiety.

Nowadays whoever you see is troubled, unhappy and suffering from anxiety and tension in his life. Many times some such problems come in life, due to which people are not able to come out quickly. They continuously get so engrossed in their problems that the stress and anxiety level increases a lot. If this is not removed at the right time, then the person goes into depression. Depression is more dangerous than anxiety. In this situation, people also start thinking about suicide. In such a situation, it is necessary to think about ways to remove the stress and anxiety of life, so that you can remain physically and mentally fit. To live a happy life. Nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee Has given some very easy tips on his Instagram to remove anxiety. Let us know about those important tips here.

Kava: Kava is great for relaxing muscles. Along with this, it has also been said to be better for removing cramps that occur during periods. Many times women have anxiety problems due to menopause. Kava is beneficial in relieving anxiety. Kava is a natural remedy to relieve stress, nervousness. It produces a physical and psychological relaxation response. You will find ready made tablets of kava available.

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