Apart from eating, salt can also be used in these works, know the best tricks

Salt uses in daily work: The use of salt is quite common while cooking in the kitchen. Where the taste of food starts to fade without salt. Salt is present in everyone’s kitchen, but due to lack of information, most people use salt only in food. Do you know that salt can be used not only in cooking but also in many household works. By using salt in some special ways, you can make many household chores easier in minutes.

clean carpet stains

After spilling red wine several times on the carpet, it gets stained. At the same time, if not cleaned, the carpet also becomes hard. In such a situation, by using salt, you can easily remove the stains of the carpet. For this, spray white wine on the mark of the carpet and add cold water. Now sprinkle salt after rubbing with a sponge and after 10 minutes wipe the carpet clean.

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clean the chopping board

Many people use chopping boards to cut vegetables in the kitchen. At the same time, after cutting vegetables, most people wash the board in a normal way, due to which bacteria remain on the board. In this case, clean the board by making a paste of salt and lemon juice, after that wash the board with warm water. This will make your chopping board perfectly sanitized.

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Make Homemade Mouthwash

You can make the mouth bacteria free by trying salt mouthwash in oral care. The anti-inflammatory elements present in salt are helpful in keeping the mouth bacteria and smell free. For this, prepare mouthwash by mixing 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon salt in half a cup of water. Now use this mouthwash regularly in oral care.

Try a Natural Face Scrub

The use of salt in skin care works as a natural scrub for the skin. In this case, mix ¼ cup of salt in half a cup of olive oil and apply it on the face. Now massage the face in circular motion with light hands and after drying for 5 minutes, wash the face with clean water. This will help you in skin exfoliation and your face will start glowing naturally.

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