Apple in the mood to end work from home, orders employees to come to office 3 days a week, those who do not come will be discharged


Since last year, the company is giving emphasis on calling the employees to office.
Now it is mandatory to come to office and work for 3 days.
CEO Tim Cook has already criticized remote work.

New Delhi. Veteran tech company Apple is now in a mood to end work from home. The company has threatened to take strict action against those employees who are not coming to office for at least three days a week. Employees who do not come to the office can also lose their jobs. Apple is monitoring the presence of employees in the office through badge records. Even after the end of Kovid-19, many employees are not ready to come to the office and work. They want the company to allow them to work from home.

Apple is no longer in the mood to give this discount. The company believes that the productivity of the company is decreasing due to work from home. However, the employees say that even during the difficult times of Kovid-19, the employees worked from home and achieved their targets. That’s why the company should not completely end work from home.

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Joe Schiffer, managing editor of the news website Platformer, recently informed in a tweet that Apple has threatened to take action against those employees who are not coming to office at least three days a week. Although Apple has not yet given any response on this. Even last year, Apple had announced that all the employees of the company will have to come to work for at least three days in five days of the week.

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