Ashneer Grover fell in love with Madhuri at first sight, decided to set up a ‘love shop’ with her in the classroom itself


Ashneer saw Madhuri for the first time in the coaching class.
It took a lot of effort to take Madhuri on a date.
Both have said goodbye to BharatPe after the controversy.

New Delhi. Ashneer Grover, co-founder of BharatPe and judge of Shark Tank India season 1, remains in headlines for his outspoken and cheeky comments. Ashneer, who is known to be hard-hearted on Shark Tank India and social media, had melted on seeing his wife Madhuri Jain for the first time. Seeing her for the first time in the coaching class, he had decided that he would decorate his ‘love shop’ only with Madhuri. However, before going on the first date with Ashneer, Madhuri had also left no stone unturned to investigate the accounts of his life.

During a podcast called Vagerah Vagerah, Ashneer Grover spoke openly about his love life. He told how he had given his heart to Madhuri Jain at first sight. He also did ‘duplicity’ for Madhuri and deliberately started getting late for coaching so that he could sit in Madhuri’s batch. The Grover couple is currently working on their new start-up named Third Unicorn. Prior to this, Ashnari was the MD of BharatPe and Madhuri Jain was the Head of Controls at BharatPe. But due to disputes, the couple left the company.

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This is how the love story started
Ashneer told that he had joined a coaching class during his last year in IIT. And Ashneer saw Madhuri Jain for the first time. On seeing this, he realized that Madhuri is his dream girl and she is the girl with whom he wants to marry. In Madhuri’s affair, Ashnari deliberately used to come late for the class, so that he could do the next class with Madhuri.

Ashneer Grover said that he always used to reach his class late by about 15 minutes. He also had some confusion about which batch he was in. That’s why most of the time he used to attend classes with the wrong batch, in which Madhuri Jain also used to accompany him.

Had to roll a lot of papad to persuade
During this, Ashneer asked Madhuri for a date several times, but things did not work out in the beginning. Madhuri wanted to know completely about Ashneer before going on a date. To investigate Ashneer’s life, he chose his friend only. The friend advised Madhuri to stay away from Ashneer. But Ashneer did not stop trying and finally managed to persuade. Later both of them got married.

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