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Ashneer Grover’s ‘hypocrisy’, now appealing to buy the book and telling how to return 80 rupees by taking 1 rupee


Ashneer’s book will hit the market on 26 December.
Ashneer’s book can be purchased from Amazon.
Grover has now parted ways with BharatPe.

New Delhi. The book written by Ashneer Grover, co-founder of BharatPe and judge of Shark Tank India, is going to be launched next month. In this book, he has described his professional experience. The name of Grover’s book is ‘Doglapan’. Ashneer’s upcoming book can be pre-ordered on the online shopping website Amazon. The price of the book has been mentioned on the website as Rs 424. Ashneer says that this is a limited offer deal.

The book traces Grover’s journey from growing up in Delhi to becoming a household name in the country. The book’s blurb reads, “This is the unfiltered story of Ashneer Grover, Startup India’s favorite and misunderstood poster boy.” Ashneer is also promoting his book vigorously. He has done many tweets about the book.

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Said by tweeting – order a copy
Recently, Ashneer tweeted in a different way and appealed to the people to buy his upcoming book. He wrote, “It is difficult to return someone’s money. Returning 80 rupees for 1 rupee to an investor, cash, that too in 3 years is even more difficult task. It requires mind, hard work and heart. Learn how I did it and get inspired! Order your copy of ‘Doglapan’ today!”

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Ashneer Grover has also made a big claim regarding his book. In a tweet, he has written that after reading this book, you will either completely quit your job or you will only work for the rest of your life. He wrote that at least you will not be stuck in the middle. Read my biography to get clarity in life. The book will hit the market on 26 December.

Separated from BharatPe after a lot of controversy
Following allegations of financial irregularities, Grover parted ways with BharatPe earlier this year in a bitter manner. Ashneer and his family were accused of misappropriating company funds to fund an expensive and luxurious lifestyle. At the same time, Grover accused BharatPe CEO Suhail Sameer of favoring investors to remove him from the company.

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