Attention Zerodha users..don’t put ‘online thief’ on bank account, so brokerage firm gave important advice


To avoid online fraud, Zerodha gave important information in the tweet thread.
The brokerage firm said- We never call or message to transfer money to accounts.
Do not give information about your trading or bank accounts to any fake call.

New Delhi. Stock market brokerage firm Zerodha on Friday warned its users against fraudsters active on social media. While tweeting, the brokerage firm said that beware of such fraudsters who ask to transfer money to fake accounts. In this regard, Zerodha gave important information in the tweet thread and told how these cyber criminals can be avoided.

The brokerage firm has suggested that a user should never interact with social media accounts of brands that are not verified with Blue Tick. One should always talk to the official phone number and email from the company and the customer care executive.

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