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Avoid thugs on Diwali-Dhanteras, keep these 5 tips in mind while buying jewelery


It is wise to buy only certified gold.
Before buying, cross-check the price of gold.
Check the re-selling price and buyback policy.

New Delhi. With Dhanteras and Diwali approaching, many people want to buy gold symbolizing wealth and prosperity on this occasion. It is also a long term asset and comes in handy in any time of need. Due to these characteristics, people prefer to invest in gold.

Dhanteras and Diwali are considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions to buy gold in India. However, some customers are misguided by some of the sellers of gold on the rates, making charges, GST etc. Therefore, it is very important to beware of deception in the excitement of buying gold. To avoid being duped by jewellers, you should consider and rely on the following 5 points on Dhanteras/Diwali.

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Buy certified gold only
Since people can be deceived due to adulteration in gold, then you should take care while buying gold that it is certified or authenticated. You should buy only BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmarked gold. Apart from the hallmark, you should pay attention to the purity code, testing center mark, jeweler’s marking and year of making.

Cross-check Gold Price
You should always cross-check gold prices, as they change from time to time. The price also depends on whether you are buying gold of 24K or 22K or 18K (K means carat) purity. Buyers should also compare the current price with the weight of the gold jewellery.

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Do not pay cash, take invoice
Buyers of gold should make payment through banking or through digital payment app powered by UPI and not cash payment. You should also receive an invoice or bill for your purchases. In case of online purchase of gold, you must ensure that the delivery package has not been tampered with.

Buy only from trusted sellers
Before buying gold, you should also ensure the authenticity of the seller and buy only from trusted sellers. It may be that there is such a seller in your local, who does not give you the right gold or charges the wrong price for the given gold. Nowadays big companies also sell gold and gold jewelry. They are considered comparatively more reliable.

Check Reselling Price and Buyback Policy
You should make sure at what price if you want to sell that gold. Meaning at what price the seller selling the same gold will buy back from you. Let us tell you that the re-selling value in jewelry goes down a bit, but if you buy a coin, then the difference in its price should depend on the market price.

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