Bad eating habits can be the reason for dry skin, these changes in diet will give glowing skin

Eating Drinking Habits Dry Skin: As soon as winter comes, our skin starts getting dry. To avoid this, we use different types of moisturizer, lotion, body oil. Not only this, sometimes bathing with hot water is also said to be the reason for this. But let us tell you that the dryness of our skin also depends on the diet. According to EatThisNotThat, if you pay attention to your diet during the winter season and change your diet habit, then the problem of dry skin can be overcome. So let us know that by changing our eating habits, we can remove the problem of dry skin.

Dry skin is caused by these eating habits

drink less water
Dehydration is a major reason for dryness of the skin. If you drink less water, then there is inconvenience in the skin cells to work better and the moisture of your skin starts decreasing. In such a situation, it is important that you consume more and more water or liquid things in winter.

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do not eat fish
Dieticians say that it is necessary to consume 8 ounces of fish in a week. Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the body as well as the skin. It is a healthy fat that helps the skin retain moisture.

excessive alcohol consumption
If you are consuming alcohol in excess, then it works to dehydrate the body. Due to which the skin is also affected and the problem of dryness starts. That’s why at least consume alcohol or if you consume alcohol then drink maximum water as well.

don’t eat egg yolk
If you are not consuming the yellow part of the egg due to dieting, then your skin can also become dry due to this habit. Actually, it contains a lot of vitamin D which works to maintain proper hydration in the body.

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collagen deficiency in diet
If you do not include collagen-rich things in the food, then it can cause dryness on the skin. In such a situation, it would be better to include skinned chicken, broth etc. in your diet.

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