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balayam yoga or nail rubbing prithvi mudra benefits in hair growth yoga trainer juhi kapoor shares instagram video in hindi – News18 Hindi


If you have a lot of hair fall then you should do Balayam Yoga daily.
The growth of hair also increases by doing Prithvi Mudra.

Nowadays whoever you see is troubled by the problem of hair fall. Not only this, some people are also troubled by the problem of graying of hair at an early age. People take many home remedies to stop hair fall. Different types of shampoos are used, but there is not much benefit. Sometimes, due to lack of nutrients in the diet, the hair becomes weak from the root and starts breaking. If you have tried all the tricks to keep your hair healthy, prevent hair fall and to no avail, then do nail rubbing exercise or Balayam yoga. Yes, by the way, you must have seen many people rubbing their nails together. This method is considered best for making hair healthy and strong. Yoga trainer and nutritionist Juhi Kapoor Has shared very important information about Balayam and Prithvi Mudra on his Instagram account (theyoginiworld) to keep hair healthy. Let us know how to practice Balayam and Prithvi Mudra and what are their benefits.

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Do Balayam to stop hair fall

Yoga Trainer and Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor She says in the video, many such techniques have been described in yoga, which make hair healthy and strong. One of these yoga techniques is nail rubbing, which is also known as Balayam. Balayam Yoga works on the principle of reflexology. In this, your hair follicles are connected to the nerve in the nail bed. When you stimulate these nerves, it improves blood circulation in your scalp and increases hair growth. You can do Balayam daily for 5 to 15 minutes. Rub the nails of both the hands together in this. Keep in mind that do not rub the thumb in it. Rub only four fingers together. Do Balayam after one to two hours of having food or on an empty stomach.

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