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Be careful, pneumonia can become a ‘deadly cocktail’ with Kovid

Pneumonia Treatment: The cold has knocked. People have started wearing light warm clothes. Kovid is still there. However, due to herd immunity, the immunity created against the virus in the body of the people and the vaccine campaign, the corona has not been that dangerous. But people infected with other diseases are at a higher risk of being harmed by Covid. Doctors say that people with weak respiratory system are prone to diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis in cold weather. The Kovid virus present in the air is also infecting more such people, whose immune system is weak.

Kovid with pneumonia is very dangerous
Kovid and pneumonia are a big threat to the lungs. Kovid can cause inflammation in the lungs and subsequently damage the tissue of the cells that keep the air sacs in the lungs healthy. These air sacs are important for breathing and transporting blood to the whole body parts. Sometimes the walls of the air sacs become so hard that the patient cannot even breathe. At the same time, in pneumonia, the lungs fill with liquid. Due to swelling, the breathing condition of the patient becomes weak. If pneumonia becomes covid with pneumonia or pneumonia with covid, then it can be formed on the life of the patient.

There are two types of pneumonia
Doctors say that if you understand pneumonia basically, it is an infection of the lungs. In this, there is swelling in the air sacs inside the lungs. Due to this, there is a problem in breathing. There is severe pain in the chest. There are two types of pneumonia. Walking pneumonia and regular pneumonia. Walking pneumonia is also called atypical pneumonia. Atypical pneumonia is caused by micro-organisms. Its nature is less serious than regular pneumonia.

Do not ignore these symptoms
Pneumonia can be caused by the attack of bacteria, virus and fungal organisms. Talking about its symptoms, there are fever, chest pain in breathing, increased cold, cough, decrease in oxygen level, low blood pressure. Normally atypical pneumonia has mild symptoms as compared to normal pneumonia. In these, there may be cold, cough sometimes with bloody mucus, fever. Talking about other symptoms, difficulty in deep breathing, cough, headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, loose motion, pain in the ears, pain in the eyes and rashes on the skin can be seen.

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