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Beauty Tips: Money will not have to be spent on Rakhi, you can get glowing skin with the help of these tips

Rakshabandhan Skin Care Tips: As soon as the festival arrives, women turn to the parlor, in which it is obvious that a lot of money is spent. If you can get glowing skin at home for the upcoming festival Rakshabandhan. Yes, we are giving you some tips according to the skin at home, with the help of which you can get glowing skin.

Once a year, she is ready to impress her brother too. For this, you must have already been making many preparations, but if any stone is left unturned, then we are completing it. Let us know these home remedies which you can easily adopt at home.

tips for oily skin
You can use multani mitti for oily skin. For this, prepare a paste by adding rose water to multani mitti. Now apply it after cleaning the face and wash the skin after half an hour. After applying the pack, you can apply rose water in cotton for parlor-like feeling on the eyes, this will make you feel very relaxed.

remedy for dry skin
Fruits are good for health as well as for the skin. You can prepare a face pack by mixing banana, orange and papaya. This gives coolness to the skin as well as helps in removing dead skin.

Make cooling mask at home
After the face pack, you can prepare a cooling mask at home to reduce the burning and itching of the face. For this, mix milk and egg white in cucumber juice. Now apply this mixture on the face and neck and after some time clean it with cold water.

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