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Before marriage, definitely ask this question to your partner, next relationship will be easy

Relationship Tips: If you are deciding to marry someone, then this can be a big decision for you. This decision is not easy for any person. However, if you are doing love marriage, then you may be understanding your partner very well. But if you are doing arranged marriage, then you may not know many things about your partner. Therefore, if you have decided to marry an unknown person, then definitely ask them some important questions. Let’s know about these questions- 

Steps for marriage are not being forced

Many times arranged marriages forcefully take the decision of marriage. Especially girls decide to get married because of parental pressure. In such a situation, it is your duty that before marrying anyone, definitely ask the question whether he is forcibly marrying you? The person in front of you will be impressed by this question. Also you will get to know about his mind. 

How will family planning be?

If you have made up your mind to marry someone, then definitely ask this question to this partner that what have you thought about family planning? If you want to do a job after marriage, then also discuss this thing among yourself. Along with this, also make it clear that it will not be right to make any haste in family planning. Clearing such things makes the journey ahead easier. 

Ask About Habits

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