Before the periods of the girl, know 6 things related to menstruation, the daughter will not have any problem in menstruation.

Menstruation Facts: Menstruation of women is a normal natural process. Despite this, even in today’s high-tech era, most people shy away from talking about it openly. Not only this, Period facts are talked about only in whispers. On the other hand, usually a girl comes to know about menstruation only from her mother or friend, but they do not even have answers to many questions. So come, according to, we tell you about 6 things related to periods, after which your daughter will not have to go through any kind of trouble during periods and even after marriage.


There is no problem in taking a bath: The question remains in the mind of many girls whether women should wash their head and take a bath during menstruation or not. So let us tell you that there is no problem in bathing or washing your head during periods, but during this time bathing with hot water gives relief in period cramps. (Image-Canva)


Swimming can be done: Many people believe that swimming cannot be done during periods. So let us tell you that swimming during menstruation is completely safe. But during this time, do use tampons, so that the water of the swimming pool does not get contaminated due to the blood being released from your body. (Image-Canva)


Can exercise during periods: When a woman exercises during menstruation, she is prevented from doing so, while exercising during periods is safe and healthy. Let us tell you that regular exercise can also help in relieving cramps. (Image-Canva)


Avoiding physical relation in period ?: Some people believe that being physical during period can cause harm to a woman or a man, so during this time physical relation should be avoided. While doing so is not harmful in any way. However, women must take advice from experts in this regard. (Image-Canva)


Can become pregnant: It is possible to become pregnant during periods. To get pregnant, you have to ovulate, which usually happens after your period, but this is only possible unless you or your partner use birth control, such as the pill or IUD. (Image-Canva)


Girls can use tampons: Using tampons for virgin girls during periods is not harmful in any way. This does not break the hymen and there is no danger of losing the girl’s virginity, but before using a tampon it is very important to know the correct way of using it. (Image-Canva)


It is not necessary that women with periods are together: Some people believe that women who spend a lot of time together, have their periods at the same time. According to the research done in this regard in 1970, this happens because of body chemicals called pheromones. Whereas in the research done later, the answer has not been revealed yet. (Image-Canva)

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