Being thin has to be ashamed, ghee and jaggery can make your health like this

Home Remedies For Weight Gain: Eating ghee and jaggery is very beneficial for health. If you eat ghee and jaggery together, then this combination also helps a lot in keeping your body fit. Many people complain of thinness, no matter how much they eat, but the body always remains lean, but let us tell you that eating ghee and jaggery together will increase your health a lot. Jaggery contains plenty of potassium, iron and vitamin C, hence it is very beneficial for health, whereas vitamins A, K and D are present in ghee, which prove to be very beneficial for the body.

If you have to be ashamed of thinness, then include this thing in your diet

Everyone is ashamed of having a lean body, if you also want to keep your health good, then eating jaggery mixed with ghee will benefit you a lot. This method can prove to be very effective for increasing weight. If you eat jaggery and ghee after eating food for a few days, then your weight will start increasing in a few days. To increase weight, eat jaggery and ghee in equal quantity. Eating both ghee and jaggery together gives nutrition to your body.

Ghee and jaggery will do wonders in improving health

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Ghee, milk, jaggery prove to be very effective for increasing weight. Along with this, let us tell you that the role of milk is also important to stay healthy. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are found in milk, so you can increase your weight even by drinking milk. Along with this, eating oats in the morning and evening is also a good option. Eating almonds and peanuts in the winter season is beneficial for the body, peanuts and almonds are rich in calories and fat, keep in mind that do not eat anything in excess, otherwise it can also cause harm.

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