Bhaiji’s tree is famous not only in the country but also abroad, it has been spreading for 85 years

Naresh Pareek / Churu. Usually you will find trees made of mava everywhere. But there is an 85 year old such tree shop in Churu. People are crazy about whose taste even today. Dungar ji Dhoot was as famous as Bhaiji’s tree shop located at Jharia Mori in the main market of the city. People fondly called him as Bhaiji and he renamed this shop as Bhaiji Pede Wale.
Even today people come from far and wide to buy trees at this years old shop. Famous for its taste, the craze for these trees is also across the seven seas. Sundarlal Prajapat, who runs a shop of Bhaiji Peda, tells that his trees are not only sold in the country but also in foreign countries. Apart from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, their trees are also in demand in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Italy and America. Domestic and foreign tourists who come to visit Rajasthan also come here to taste this famous tree.

Today this shop is running in the name of brother
Years ago, Dungarji Dhoot had established Bhaiji Pedo shop at Jharia Mori. Sitaram Prajapat, who worked with him, learned this art of making trees. Then Tejpal Saini, who poured milk here, left his son Gopiram Saini to help Dungar ji Dhoot aka Bhaiji, and after Bhaiji’s death in 1985, today these two shops are being operated here on the basis of the same art taught by Bhaiji. Which is currently being run by Sunderlal Prajapat and Rakesh Saini.

that’s why it’s special
Sundarlal Prajapat and Rakesh Saini, who run Bhaiji Peda’s shop, say that the taste of their Peda is special from the commonly sold trees because they extract Mawa from the same milk. Mawa of milk, then mix less sugar in the mawa and cook it, then knead it and cook it again. Apart from this, special saffron trees are also made here. While the price of low sugar trees is Rs 360 per kg, the price of special saffron trees is Rs 400 per kg.


FIRST PUBLISHED : June 10, 2023, 21:52 IST

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