Bihar will become Mumbai! Country’s longest double decker flyover in this district, vehicles will run on 3 floors

Hearing about all the infrastructure projects like Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Bangalore-Chennai Expressway, Purvanchal Expressway in UP… you would think for a minute why development is not coming in our Bihar . But, don’t be discouraged. Bihar is also not behind in this matter. In your state too, work is going on on not one or two but four expressways. Not only this, a network of bridges and flyovers is being laid in the entire state. Work on the country’s longest double decker flyover is going on in a district of your state. This project was to be completed in 2022 itself, but due to Kovid and other problems, the time has increased a bit. Now it is expected to be completed by 2024. The construction work is going on fast. At present, the financial capital Mumbai has the country’s longest double-decker flyover, which is 1.8 km long. But, the length of this double decker flyover being built in Bihar is 3.5 km. Its width will be 5.5 meters. In this double decker flyover, vehicles will run in three layers in a way. Light and small vehicles will ply on the ground layer while barrier-free vehicles will gallop on the top two floors.

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