Bleach and color in hair have many side effects, know the reason and diagnose, tips will be useful

Haircare: To look beautiful and special, many girls like to bleach and color their hair. Even though they get an attractive look by its use, but hair health starts to deteriorate. Which may or may not be felt immediately, but in the long term, it has many side effects on your hair and scalp. Let’s know about it.

scalp is affected
No matter how much aluminum foil is used while bleaching and coloring or getting the hair done, the bleach reaches the scalp. Due to the harmful chemicals present in the bleach, there can be problems like allergies, rash, burning, itching and peeling of the scalp. Which can badly affect your scalp.

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hair damage

Using bleach and color in the hair causes hair damage. The roots of the hair start getting weak and the hair starts falling. Along with this, the problem of breakage and split ends can also occur due to the use of bleach. Along with this, the natural shine of the hair also reduces.

Hair loses moisture and dryness increases
Using bleach and color on the hair reduces the natural moisture of the hair and increases dryness in the hair. Due to this, the hair starts becoming lifeless, which also starts looking bad. Along with this, the growth of hair is also less due to the use of bleach and color.

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deteriorates the original appearance

By using bleach and color on the hair, temporarily the hair can get the color of your mind and the hair looks beautiful. But their own natural color starts deteriorating. Whenever you do not want to color and bleach hair. So the hair starts looking discolored.

Can also have side effects on the eyes
The side effects of bleaching and coloring hair are not only on hair and scalp. There is a possibility of damage to the eyes by its use. Its use can cause watery eyes, burning sensation and itching in the eyes.

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