Blisters have developed in the mouth, there is difficulty in swallowing food, take help of 6 easy tips, you will get instant relief

Mouth ulcer problem: It is a common thing to have blisters in the mouth, but they are enough to bother anyone. Due to the presence of these ulcers in the mouth, it becomes difficult to eat food and even to swallow water. These red ulcers may be small to see, but their pain can bother anyone. These are known as cold sores, ulcers or sores on the palate. Usually these blisters are caused by heat.

According to Healthline, Mouth ulcers are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. During this time, if cleanliness is not taken care of, then the liquid coming out of the blisters can spread from one place to another. If the situation is serious, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for these ulcers to heal. Of course, there are many types of medicines available in the market for these blisters, but they can also be cured with the help of some easy tips. Let’s know the reasons for blisters in the mouth and the ways to get rid of them.

due to mouth ulcers

Causes of stomach heat: Blisters in the mouth are caused by the heat of the stomach. It is mostly seen that if there is any problem in the stomach, blisters also occur along with it. It is believed that due to not having a clean stomach, blisters also occur in the mouth.

Eating Spicy Food: Eating more spicy food can also be the reason for mouth ulcers. Whenever you eat more spicy food, there is a burning sensation in the stomach. Because of this, the problem of blisters in the mouth can start.

Disturbances in hormones: Hormonal changes during periods are also considered to be the cause of mouth ulcers. Let us tell you that there are different types of hormones in the body. If there is a disturbance in the hormones of the body due to any reason, then it can affect the body in many ways, one of which is blisters in the mouth.

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Lack of cleaning of teeth: Many times, due to not cleaning the teeth, gums and mouth properly, rot occurs in it, due to which blisters start forming in the mouth.

Home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcers

1. Mix one tablespoon of salt in lukewarm water and rinse. Then gargle with plain water. Doing this gives relief from pain.

2. Applying alum on tongue ulcers gives relief. For this, it must be applied about 2 times a day.

3. The use of baking soda is considered very effective to get instant relief from mouth ulcers. For this, make a paste by mixing water in baking soda and then apply this paste on the ulcers. By doing this, pain is also relieved.

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4. Clove oil is also very effective for mouth ulcers. For this, put 4 to 5 drops of clove oil in a cup of hot water and rinse it. By doing this, there is a lot of relief in ulcers.

5. Consuming curd also provides relief in mouth ulcers. Let us tell you that curd boosts probiotics in our body and increases good bacteria. Due to this, mouth ulcers get relief.

6. Mix one teaspoon of rock salt in a cup of lukewarm water and keep it in the mouth and gargle for one minute. Do this three to four times a day. You will get instant relief.

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