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Bride with sensitive skin, take care of yourself like this, face will shine

Bridal Care : Wedding season has started. So are you going to be a bride soon? Actually, it is necessary for the bride to be taken special care of the skin, so that the skin is spotless and glowing on the wedding day, everyone’s skin is different. Today we will talk about Bridal Sensitive Skin Care. This is the skin type that reacts quickly to things. Do you have sensitive skin too? In such a situation, you should be very careful about your skin. Learn how to take care of sensitive skin through this article.

use these products

Use a gel based product on sensitive skin. These products are easily absorbed into the skin. Do not apply powder products on the face, it can damage your skin.

CTM is necessary for the skin

Girls with sensitive skin should follow the rule of CTM daily. CTM means cleansing, toning and moisturizing and you should do this daily. mild for cleansing Use face wash, apply rose water for toning and skin Use desi cheese to moisturize.

Remove redness like this

Sensitive skin gets reddened quickly, due to which itching also starts. In this case, you use aloe vera. Apart from reducing the redness, it is also effective in stopping the itching of the skin. If you want, you can also try sandalwood paste. It cools the face.

Do not forget these things in skin care

  • Never use any product directly on your skin, do a patch test first.
  • Products containing harsh chemicals can be extremely harsh on the skin, do not use them.
  • Use natural or household things for skin care, the harm is negligible.
  • Do not buy cheap makeup products for sensitive skin, they can damage the skin badly in the long run.
  • Always apply sunscreen on sensitive skin, so that the skin does not get damaged by the UV rays of the sun.
  • Avoid bleaching on sensitive skin, do only facials.
  • Try to avoid chemical-laden beauty products in the market, use homemade face masks, scrubs and creams.

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