Budh Gochar 2023: Mercury will transit in June, problems may come on 2 zodiac signs, career and health will suffer big loss

The zodiac change of Mercury is going to happen in the second week of June. The planet Mercury will transit in Taurus on 7th June. On June 7, at 07.58 pm, Mercury will enter the house of its friendly planet Venus. Mercury will remain in Taurus till 24th June. Then on June 24 itself, at 12.48 pm, it will transit in Gemini. At this time Mercury is sitting in Aries. On March 31, he came from Pisces to Aries. The transit of Mercury in Taurus can have a good or bad effect on all the 12 zodiac signs, but the natives of 2 zodiac signs have to be very careful about their health and career. Astrologer of Tirupati Dr. Krishna Kumar Bhargava Know the negative effect of Mercury transit.

Mercury transit 2023 in Taurus, these zodiac signs should be careful!
1. Gemini: Due to the entry of Mercury in Taurus on June 7, a difficult time may start for the natives of Gemini. During this time your work may get stuck and the economic side will also be weak. Whatever work you put your hand in, it will not seem to be successful.

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The people of your zodiac may also face problems in their career. In such a situation, do not take any decision in haste. Do not lend money to anyone and do not invest without thinking. There can be loss of money. Between June 7 and June 24, your health can also get messed up. Do not take any medicine without medical advice.

Measure: You may be affected by the malefic effects of the planet Mercury, in this case you should worship Ganapati Bappa. Offer 21 knots of Modak and Durva to them. With the grace of Vighnaharta, work will be done and difficulties will be resolved. If you want, you can also keep fast on Wednesday.

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2. Lion: The ruling planet of your sign is Sun and it is friendly with Mercury. But the transit of Mercury in Taurus can have negative effects for you. For those who are associated with business, the time from June 7 to June 24 is going to be careful. You may suffer loss in business. The work done during this time will not be successful. If you want to do any new work or want to invest, then the time is not favorable now.

Your zodiac signs may have skin diseases. Have to avoid strong sunlight. Pay attention to cleanliness. If there is any problem, contact the doctor immediately. You can also be troubled by seasonal diseases. Pay attention to food.

Measure: You should chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury, Om Bram Bram Braum Sah Budhay Namah while fasting on Wednesdays. Apart from this, worshiping Lord Vishnu will also be beneficial.

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