Burning eyes due to excessive screen time? Get relief from the problem of Dry Eyes in this simple way


Due to more screen time, there can be a problem of dryness in the eyes.
With the help of simple tricks at home, you can get relief from the problem of burning sensation in the eyes.

Home Remedy For Dry Eyes: Due to working on laptop for a long time, the problem of irritation and dryness in the eyes is quite common these days. Actually, due to the deadline of office work, people have to work in front of the screen for a long time, due to which irritation starts in the eyes. There is discomfort in closing or opening the eyelids and the surrounding muscles feel tight. After some time they also start feeling jealous. Looking at all the problems, most of us buy eye drops from the medical shop and use them. But let us tell you that with the help of simple tricks, you can get relief from this problem. Let’s know how.

Get relief from the problem of dry eye in this way

Yoga and meditation expert Mayur Kartikeya Has shared such a simple trick on his social media. According to Mayur, to overcome the problem of dryness in the eyes, you can try a simple technique being used since ancient times. It is not only simple, but also very effective.

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