Business idea: Crop giving lakhs of rupees a month, no need of farm to grow, home is enough


About 1.44 lakh metric tonnes of mushrooms are produced every year in India.
The special thing is that you can start this business by investing only 5000 rupees.
Mushroom farming can prove to be a great profitable business for you.

New Delhi. Nowadays every person wants to do some business of his own along with the job. People want to have multiple sources of their income. In such a situation, if you also want to start a business sitting at home, then today we are giving you a great idea. You can start this business in a small room of yours. This is such a business in which you will need very little investment and profits will also be plentiful.

This is a business related to agriculture. With this you can earn lakhs of rupees a month. Actually, we are talking about mushroom cultivation (Mushroom Farming) About this. The most important thing about this business is that you can start it even by investing only 5000 rupees.

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there will be no need for a farm
Please tell that you do not need any farm to grow mushrooms. You can grow it in any room of your house or even by making a bamboo hut. These days the demand of mushroom is increasing in the country. In such a situation, to meet this demand, you can earn big money by growing it. Also, tell that about 1.44 lakh metric tonnes of mushrooms are produced every year in India.

Cultivation is done from October to March.
Compost is prepared by mixing wheat or rice straw with some chemicals to make mushrooms. It takes a month to prepare compost. After this, mushroom seeds are planted on a hard place by spreading a 6-8 inch thick layer, which is also called spawning. The seeds are covered with compost. In about 40-50 days your mushroom becomes ready to be cut and sold. Mushroom cultivation is done from October to March.

Will earn lakhs of rupees
Mushroom farming can prove to be a great profitable business for you. In this, you can get the benefit of up to 10 times the investment. The demand for mushroom has also increased in the last few years. In such a situation, you can become a millionaire soon by cultivating mushrooms.

Extra care is needed for its cultivation.
Mushroom cultivation requires some extra care. It is most important to take care of the temperature for its cultivation. It is grown between 15-22 degree centigrade. On the other hand, there is a danger of crop failure due to high temperature. Also, the moisture for farming should be 80-90 percent. To grow good mushroom, you have to use good compost. Also, do not take too old seeds for good mushroom production. The cost of fresh mushroom is high, so as soon as it is ready, take it to the market to sell.

Must take training for large scale farming
Let us tell you that mushroom cultivation training is given in all agricultural universities and agricultural research centers. If you are planning to do mushroom cultivation on a large scale, then you must take proper training for it.

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