Business Idea: Cultivation of black tomato is profitable, farmers are earning lakhs of rupees

New Delhi. Many farmers in the country are trying to grow new crops leaving the traditional methods of farming. Thousands of farmers have got success in this and their income has increased a lot. If you are also thinking about doing such farming, then we are giving you a better idea. This is such a crop which has a lot of demand in the country and it is continuously increasing. Here we are talking about black tomato cultivation.

Please tell that till now very few people know about the cultivation of black tomatoes. Although its entry has been made in the market and many people buy it immediately due to its distinct identity. The most important thing about this tomato is that it is used in the treatment of cancer. Apart from this, this tomato is effective in fighting many diseases. Let us know how to cultivate it.

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What is necessary for black tomato cultivation?
Black tomato is also cultivated like red tomato. Hot climate is required for the cultivation of this variety of tomato. India’s climate is suitable for black tomato cultivation. For this, the PH value of the land should be between 6-7. Its yield starts much later than red colored tomatoes. Let us tell you that the cultivation of black tomatoes started from England. It is called Indigo Rose Tomato in English. It is called ‘superfood’ in the European market. At the same time, its cultivation has started in India as well.

January is the best month for sowing
January is the best month for sowing black tomatoes. When you sow black tomato at this time, you start getting its crop by March-April. On the other hand, if we talk about the expenditure involved in it, then it costs as much as the cultivation of red tomato. In the cultivation of black tomato, only seed money is required. In the cultivation of black tomato, there can be a profit of 4-5 lakhs per hectare by taking out the entire expenditure. Profits will increase further through packing and branding of black tomatoes. You can send it for sale in big cities to earn more profit.

Black tomato has many medicinal properties
Black tomatoes can be kept fresh for a long time. Due to its black color and being rich in many nutrients, its price in the market is higher than that of red tomato. At the same time, medicinal properties are also found in it more than red tomato. It is black from outside and red from inside. If we eat it raw, it is neither too sour nor too sweet in taste, its taste remains salty. It is also useful in reducing weight, reducing sugar level and reducing cholesterol.

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