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Business Idea: Earn lakhs of rupees every month by starting this business, know what will be needed?


KVIC has prepared a project report on setting up of Murmura Manufacturing Unit.
A total of Rs 3.55 lakh will be spent to start this business.
Murmure is also used as prasad in the temple.

New Delhi. If you too are bored with your work and are thinking of doing something new, then this news is for you. If you want to do such a business in which good profit can be earned by investing less cost, then today we are giving you one such business idea. We are telling you about a food product whose business you can easily earn millions every month. We are talking about Murmura Making Business i.e. the business of making lye. Let us tell you that Puffed Rice is called Murmura or Lai in Hindi.

Murmura i.e. Lai is more preferred as Jhal Murhi in West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. Similarly, puffed rice is prepared in different places with different recipes. In Mumbai it is eaten as Bhelpuri and in Bangalore as Churmuri.

You can also take help from the government to start this business.
Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a project report on setting up of Murmura Manufacturing Unit under Village Industries Employment Scheme. According to this project report, a total expenditure of Rs 3.55 lakh will be required to start this business. If you do not have money to start this business, then you can take a loan under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana. You can apply for a loan based on the project cost. The consumption of murmura i.e. lye is in every corner of the country. It is also used as Prasad in the temple. This puffed rice is also used in the offerings of Vaishno Devi. Not only this, it is also used as street food.

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Know, what will be the raw material to make Murmura
The main raw material used for making murmura is paddy or rice. This raw material will be easily available in your nearest city or village. You can also buy it at wholesale rate from your nearest paddy market. The better the quality of the paddy, the better will be your puffed rice.

license will also be required
Making Murmura or Lai comes under the food stuff. That’s why you have to get a food license for this from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Apart from this, you can also choose a name for your business. Registration of business and registration of GST will also have to be done in that name. You can also get your company’s brand name logo printed on the packet.

Know how much you will earn
It costs 10 to 20 rupees per kilogram to make murmura or lye. Retail shopkeepers sell it for Rs 40-45 per kg. You can sell it at wholesale rate of Rs 30-35 a kg. You can earn good money by selling it in retail. Overall, you can earn lakhs of rupees from this business sitting at home.

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