Business Idea: If you want to earn thousand rupees daily then start this business, you will not have to invest much

New Delhi. The business of making Banana chips is a profitable business. Till now only small companies are making and selling banana chips. Right now there is not much competition in this sector. The demand for banana chips is increasing day by day everywhere. Therefore, you will not have to put much effort in selling your product in the market.

The special thing is that you will not have to spend much money to set up a unit for making banana chips. You can start it from a very small level in the beginning. There is a lot of demand for them on fasts and festivals. So if you start this business then good profit can be made.

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these things will be needed
You should have 5000 square yards of space to set up a unit for making banana chips. Some special machines are needed to make chips. To make this, a tank will be needed to wash the bananas and a machine will have to be purchased to peel the bananas. Apart from this, a machine will be needed to cut the bananas in the form of chips, fry them and mix spices in them. You will also have to buy a packaging machine for packing.

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These machines are easily available. You can also buy them online. For this you have to search on India Mart or Alibaba website. Before buying the machine, they should be thoroughly investigated. Initially you can start your work by buying small machines. About 70 thousand rupees will be spent on these machines. To make chips, raw banana, oil and spices used in chips will be required. You will also have to buy packaging material for packing.

Cost of making 50 kg chips
Bananas worth at least Rs 1,000, cooking oil worth Rs 1,000, diesel worth at least Rs 1,000 to run the chips fryer machine and spices worth around Rs 200 will be required to make 50 kg of chips. In this way, 50 kg chips will be ready for Rs.3200.

How much will be the earning?
One kilo packet of chips will cost Rs.70 including packing expenses. You can easily sell it for 90-100 rupees per kg. Even if there is a profit of Rs.20 per kg and you can sell 50 kg of chips daily, you can make a profit of Rs.1000 per day. As the consumption of your product increases, so will your earning.

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