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Business idea: Small investment, big income, this is the specialty of this business, you should also start


Before starting any business, complete information should be taken about it.
The product which is in demand throughout the year, it is more profitable to make it.
The business of edible oils is also a profitable business.

New Delhi. If you also want to start a business with less money, then today we have brought a great business idea for you. In this business, you will neither have to invest much money nor will you need much space. This business is to extract and sell edible oil by setting up a small oil mill. There will always be a demand for edible oil and it sells well. Village or city, everywhere this business is guaranteed to be successful.

Earlier, big machines had to be installed to extract mustard oil, but now small machines have also come for this work. The cost of these machines is also low and they do not require much space to install. You can start your business by planting them even in a common room.

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how to start business
To start the business of making edible oil, you will need an oil extraction machine, a room to plant it and the crops from which you want to extract oil. Nowadays there are machines in the market which are capable of extracting mustard, groundnut and sesame oil etc. You should install a medium size oil dispenser. With such a machine available in the market, you can extract the oil of many crops.

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A medium size good oil expeller machine comes for Rs 2 lakh. You will also have to do some paperwork to set up an oil mill. You can easily get this information in your city. Rs 3-4 lakh will be spent on erecting the complete set-up. In the beginning, you will have to put in more effort in selling your product. If you give good quality products then your business will gain momentum.

how much will you earn
You can earn good money by selling mustard, sesame and groundnut oil. You can also take the help of online marketing to bring the oil to the market. You can also set up a counter in the market to sell your product in retail. Along with oil, the pastoralists also take mustard cakes etc. You can earn even better than this. According to an estimate, up to 20 percent profit is made in this business. How much money you will make in a month depends on how much merchandise you sell. Throughout the year, you can easily meet the cost of setting up an oil mill.

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