Business Idea: This is the business idea of ​​making bricks from ash, once by investing Rs 2 lakh, earn up to one lakh every month


You can easily earn up to Rs 1 lakh every month through this business.
To make cement bricks, you need ash, fly ash, sand and cement etc.
Its demand is very fast in the market and it is increasing continuously.

New Delhi. If you are also planning to start something new, then today we have brought a great business idea for you. This is a very profitable business idea. If you want to start a big earning business, then you can make bricks from ashes (How to start Fly Ash Business).

You have to invest Rs 2 lakh only once in the business of making fly ash bricks. After that you can easily earn up to Rs 1 lakh every month through this. Explain that fly ash brick is also commonly called cement brick. Nowadays it is very much in vogue and its use is also increasing.

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these things will be needed
To make cement bricks, you need ash, fly ash, sand and cement etc. Apart from this, if you want, you can also make bricks with a mixture of lime and gypsum to make it. For this you will have to invest 100 yards of land and at least Rs 2 lakh. Most of the investment for this business will be in machinery. At least 5-6 people are required to make bricks through this machine.

Its demand is increasing rapidly
Bricks made of fly ash are economical as compared to bricks made of clay. On building a house with this brick, the cost of cement is greatly reduced. This gives good finishing on both sides of the wall and less cement is spent in plaster. Apart from this, due to the presence of dry ash in the bricks made of fly ash, moisture does not enter the house, which increases its age and strength. Considering all these advantages, its demand in the market is very high and it is increasing continuously.

Will earn lakhs every month
If you start this business even at a small level, then you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh every month with an investment of Rs 2 lakh. The demand for these bricks is high in hilly areas and places with less soil. To start this business, you will also get a loan easily under the Mudra Yojana of the Central Government.

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