Business Idea: This thing is everyone’s favorite in the summer season, start a business and earn big


Ice cream parlor business can be a great option for you.
Starting an ice cream parlor does not require much investment.
To start this business, you need to take license from FSSAI.

New Delhi. There are some such businesses in the summer season from which a lot of profit can be earned. In such a situation, if you also want to start such a business, then we have come up with a great idea for you. You can earn bumper by starting this business at a very low cost. Actually, we are talking about ice cream parlor business.

The chances of loss in this business are also very less. This is an evergreen business. The number of Ice Cream lovers in the country is increasing rapidly. Now apart from summer, people eat ice cream in winter as well. People definitely keep ice cream in marriages and other events. In such a situation, this business can be a great option for you.

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start like this
Starting an ice cream parlor does not require much investment. For this a freezer has to be bought. In India, people do ice cream business on a large scale. The demand for ice cream increases a lot in the summer season. In such a situation, a lot of profit can be earned by starting this business in this season.

This is how your business will be successful
To start it all you need is a freezer. Many companies making ice cream are already present in the market, but you can make your business successful by making good quality ice cream. You can start at home or by renting a shop somewhere. For this, you will also have to install interior, furniture and a deep freezer. Along with this, you can have ice cream of different brands by contacting the ice cream distributors of the city. This will cost you up to Rs 1-2 lakh. Any place of 400 to 500 square feet carpet area is sufficient to open an ice cream parlor. In this, you can also make seating arrangements for 5 to 10 people.

It is necessary to get this license
Trade body FICCI has said in one of its reports that by 2022 the ice cream business in the country will cross one billion dollars. You need to take license from FSSAI. This is a 15 digit registration number, which ensures that the food items prepared here meet the quality standards of FSSAI.

There is a lot of demand this season
Ice cream is such a thing which is liked by everyone from children to old people. In the summer season, if a person wants to start a business as soon as possible with less money, then ice cream parlor can be a good option for him.

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