Business Idea: This thing used daily in every household will earn lakhs, the demand never ends in the market

New Delhi. If you are looking for a low-cost, high-profit business, then we have come up with a better idea for you. Through this business, you can easily get 25 to 30 percent profit. Here we are talking about the oil mill business. You can start this business wherever the place is available in the village or city.

Oil is used to meet many needs from cooking to making medicines. The role of oil is important in cooking. In such a situation, the demand for all types of oil in the market remains constant throughout the year. If you start the business of oil mill then there will never be any recession in this business. Let us know how to start it.

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How to start business?
To start the oil mill business, you must first choose a suitable place. If you set up an oil mill in the village, here your cost will be much less than in the city. Here you will get the raw material locally, while labor will also be available at a lower price. For this you will need raw material, machinery, plastic bottles, tin cans etc. To extract oil, you can buy a machine that runs on electricity or diesel as per your convenience.

How much will it cost?
If you start an oil mill with a small level, then you will have to invest at least 2 to 3 lakh rupees in it. Most of this will be spent on machinery. You can set up the mill according to your area and market. On the other hand, if you want to register your business, you can apply for it online on the MSME website. Although this is a business related to food and drink, so it would be better that you start it only after first getting a license for it from FSSAI.

This is how to expand business
To promote your oil mill business, you can market it in the local market. After this, expand your business by increasing it gradually in the nearby villages and towns. By improving the packaging of oil, you can also do branding through it. Apart from this, the shops where oil of your mill is supplied, can also be promoted by placing posters there.

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