Butter is not a bad thing for fitness, just consume its original version

What Is Real Butter: Whenever there is talk of butter, packets of light yellow colored butter start spinning in our mind. Because most of us have grown up eating this semi-butter product made from palm oil in the name of butter. Well, if you want, you can call this modern butter a cheap copy of the original Indian butter! Yes, because in the country of Lord Krishna, butter made from cow’s milk is a treasure trove of taste, smell and health properties.

If you want to taste the real form of Indian Butter, then you can taste it by visiting the houses of villages settled in states like UP, Haryana, Punjab, where even today the butter is churned in an earthen pot. is extracted. That butter is the real butter, which is eaten fresh. The day you eat that desi butter on hot chapati, believe me you will be crazy about its taste.

Why is desi butter beneficial?

The young generation starts running away from the name of butter and ghee, because they think that eating them increases fat, spoils fitness and also surrounds many diseases… Actually, this generation is not at fault either. Because the butter and ghee that they have seen, eaten or about which they are aware, this is what happens after eating it. While real butter and ghee, never cause these problems.

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Now you will think that where do people living in 2BHK flats of metro cities keep cows, which can eat real butter and ghee? So the solution to your problem is Gaon Connection. If your relatives live in the village or you keep any acquaintance in the village, then try to get real butter and pure ghee from there. Or contact in Gaushala, there too ghee, milk and butter are available in pure form. There will be two benefits from this, your health will be maintained and the cows will get support of money. Now know how real butter and ghee benefits the body and does not increase obesity.

benefits of eating butter

  • Beta-carotene is found in abundance in butter. It is an essential compound for our body, which our body converts into Vitamin-A and takes care of the health of skin, bones and hair along with eyes.
  • Good cholesterol is found in butter, which is called lipoprotein and HDL in medical language. It is necessary to keep the heart healthy. Eating one spoon of butter every day is enough. Keep in mind that we are talking about fresh butter prepared from cow’s ghee.
  • Along with physical health, butter is also important for brain health. Because the cholesterol found in it helps in keeping the brain and nervous system healthy.
  • Homemade fresh butter also reduces the chances of joint pain, because regular consumption of it in limited quantity keeps the body joints getting the necessary lubrication.

benefits of eating ghee

  • There is a very good amount of vitamins in the ghee of desi cow. Due to this the body gets Vitamin-A, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K.
  • Cow’s ghee is rich in antioxidants. Because of this, it also protects the body from heart disease and some specific types of cancer.
  • A tablespoon of cow’s ghee contains about 130 calories and is estimated to contain about 15 grams of healthy fat. Therefore, it gives the necessary amount of natural lubrication to the skin cells, muscles and arteries.
  • Cow’s ghee contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in the right amounts in very few veg foods including walnuts. Therefore, for the fulfillment of this special and very important nutrition, you should also consume cow’s ghee.

How much ghee should be consumed every day?

  • If you do not do a lot of physical labor, then you should not consume more than two spoons of cow’s ghee every day. Because ghee taken in such quantity is enough to give your body the necessary calories, fat and lubrication.
  • Energy level is maintained by eating cow’s ghee. This allows you to be more active in daily life, which directly works to improve your productivity. That’s why you should also consume ghee.
  • Even if you are taking a weight loss diet, you can consume cow’s ghee. Because due to many surprising reasons, cow’s ghee does not work to increase weight but to remove extra fat! But this benefit is available only when you eat it in the right quantity and keep an eye on your diet too.
  • Ghee also contains vitamin B12, which is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that it easily mixes with the ghee and oil present in the food and reaches inside the body and works to maintain the energy and soundness of the body. Because it gets stored in the essential fatty tissues present in the body and also immediately makes its place in the storage required to keep the liver healthy.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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