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Buy gold on Diwali-Dhanteras, be careful..! Note these 5 things to avoid fraud


Always cross-check the current gold prices while making a purchase.
Buy certified gold jewelery with Bureau of Indian Standards hallmark.
One should know about the reselling price and buy-back policy of the seller.

New Delhi. Buying gold on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras and Deepawali is considered auspicious. Apart from personal use, gold is also a good option for investment. At the same time, the demand and sale of gold increases during the festive season. During this time some sellers wrongly levy making charges, GST and other rates on the jewellery. Therefore, if you also want to buy gold on the occasion of Dhanteras or Diwali, then first know about these charges very well.

In order to avoid being cheated while buying gold jewellery, customers must keep the following things in mind.

buy certified gold
The customer should buy certified gold with a Bureau of Indian Standards hallmark. It ensures the purity and quality of gold. Apart from the hallmark, you should also check the purity code, testing center mark, jeweler’s mark and the year of manufacture.

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Check Current Gold Rate
Whenever you go out to buy gold, you should always cross-check the gold prices as it changes from time to time. The price of gold also depends on whether you are buying gold of 24K or 22K or 18K purity. Because they all have different prices.

Do not pay in cash, take a receipt
Cash payments should be avoided for buying gold, as far as possible through online banking systems like UPI or other payment apps. After buying gold jewellery, do not forget to take receipt from the shopkeeper. At the same time, if you are buying gold items by ordering online, then at the time of delivery make sure that the package has not been tampered with.

Buy from trusted shop only
Always buy gold jewelery or other items from trusted shops. For this you should also ensure the authenticity of the seller.

Know about reselling and buyback policies
While buying gold, the customer should know about its reselling price and the seller’s buy-back policy. Because some sellers deduct a certain percentage from the value of gold while repurchasing your jewelery while some sellers can buy at the current rate only.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy gold for investment purpose, you can also invest in Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) offered by RBI. It is a safe investment option and also gives good returns.

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